Hi Duncan,
its been a long time since the last time i wrote you and i am very happy to tell you that the conversion went very well. The engine and trans i received from you are running and working great, both of them are top quality. the conversion went on to about August of 2010 but most of that time was spent working the frame and body for corrosion, the engine went in and started in the first few cranks. At this time although rather late, i am working to get a small picture package together for you, just a couple good shots for your website or your records. i would also like to give you my testimonial for your site as well, if you need it.

R. sorenson

"I am very happy with the amount of care and attention you have taken to ensure a positive experience with this transaction.  It seems so many have lost their ability to communicate so well and genuinely offer help when needed.  I only wish more people in this crazy world we occupy took the time to conduct themselves in such an exemplary manner.
Sigler Burke" AL

"Duncan, Thank you for the 200TDI you supplied for my conversion. The engine runs great and the support you provided by sourcing the bits and pieces was welcomed and expeditious.The 110s you supplied me with were great especially the pick up truck my wifes favorite! The little old ladys UK handicapped parking permit is still a source of humor and resides in the truck currently.
Stephen Johnson" NH

Dear landroverimport,
how did you get to be so cool? hey guys duncan rocks and he is for real........driving my tdi defender he provided..cool as hell yehaw....
dave, Atlanta.
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