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Engine offeringsMany of you reading this will know what you are looking for, though some may not. I will  do my best to be frank and informative to all.One of common misconceptions is that the 200 and 300 series numbers relate to cylinder capacity for the 300tdi and 200tdi when infact they are both 2500cc. the 200tdi is the predecessor to the 300tdi and both are born from the older 2.5 normally aspirated which in turn was born from the older series land rover 4 cylinder engines, both diesel and petrol..... all have the same basic cast engine block which has been modified little over the years. This being the case means the engine backplates of these engines are interchangable making conversions of an older series vehicle to even a 300tdi relatively straightforward.We sell many of these engines to clients who want to change from their Rover V8 engine to a tdi, which is a little more involved. Most V8 vehicles in North America have automatic transmissions whereas most diesels in Europe have manual 5 speeds. Also those tdi's that are automatic have dedicated auto transmissions that shift gears and lock out the torque converter at a rev range that is different to that of a transmission for a V8. That said, it is possible (with the right bell housing) to mate a tdi to a V8's auto transmission. You can then relatively easily get the torque converter to lock out at a lower rev range but it will still change gear as if it still had the Rover V8 attached to the front of it which is not going to be the best thing for that lovely diesel engine you just dropped in !    The best option is to have the correct transmission to go with the tdi engine you just purchased and know that it is going to drop into place where your original one used to be and work with your new tdi as it should giving you years of happy service.....anyway, here are some figures for those who want to know.                               200tdi                                               300tdi
Cylinder capacity                      2498cc                                                 2498cc
economy                                    22-32 mpg                                         22-33​mpg     Torque                                 190  @ 1800 rpm                            198 @ 1800rpm           
Horse power                          109  @ 4000 rpm                            113 @ 4000rpm

These are stock figures for these engines, there are basic ways to get more power and economy ie, blanking off the egr (exhaust gas recirculation) can add more horse power and as much as 6-7 mpg in my experience giving me approx 40mpg from the 300tdi discovery i was running at the time. By upgrading to a larger intercooler and 'tweaking' the injection pump you can also increase the hp and torque considerably !​ (mpg calculated using english gallons)
above; new 200tdi defender engine (high mounted turbo) dropped into a series rebuild
please note new land rover tdi engines have not been made for some time now.

300 tdi engines complete used take off engine with everything you need to drop into a defender, discovery, range rover and series land rover. Complete with all ancilleries for running engine including NEW radiator, intercooler and framework.  supplied with new timing belt kit. new hoses rear main seal..... new clutch and other engine seals and gaskets on request.​ We no longer supply used engines sorry.

Professionally rebuilt engines, come as complete as those above but fully reconditioned bare block rebuild assembled with graphite paste as all rebuilt engines should!! They include, new water pump,  timing belt kit, lift pump, turbo tested, rebuilt/replaced if needed.complete with all ancilleries and ready to run right out of the box​ $5395 shipped..... example of an engine in the process of rebuilding in photo below.

PLEASE NOTE; 200tdi engines are becoming less available and certain parts harder to find so i am now recommending the 300tdi instead. it requires a little more work but you also get a smoother quieter engine with better parts availability.

Below; Ex military 2.5n/a about to be removed. note the webasto heater bottom left. this engine has now been replaced with a 300tdi mated to the original Lt77 transmission.
we are always happy to help with questions on how to do the conversion you want, whether it be manual or auto gearbox, defender, discovery or whatever the land rover..... we ship air freight these days with is fast and efficient and is the only way to get it straight to your door customs cleared. You may get a small customs bill after this which is your responsibility to settle.
Lead time from your order date to arrival at your door can be as little as 3 weeks depending on what you order and our work load at the time.
Tdi conversions generally involve;-unless you have a 4cylinder engine you will need to move and fabricate engine mounts on chassis-replace auto transmission with diesel one.-remove fuel pump in fuel tank-remove plastic insert in fuel filler neck-remove in line fuel filter -custom clutch lines if a manual transmission-custom power steering lines (both cheap at your local hydraulics  shop.)-wiring loom can be tapped into to connect temp sender, oil warning light, alternator warning light, tacho, starter wiring stays the same, coil power goes to the injection pump.-diesel fuel filter mounted to firewall-radiator/intercooler drops in to replace V8 unit-exhaust system is best taken care of by your local muffler shopPlease note that the above list is not complete but covers much of a conversion, it does depend on the exact vehicle you are converting too to what will be necessary.  contact us for more details of what you need for your specific vehicle, 

Complete engine packages starting at $3600 including shipping.    The engine  pictured right would be $5800, again including shipping and would replace the V8 in a discovery or range rover.  its a bare block rebuilt 300tdi complete with all components down to the new radiator/oil cooler which even comes with our used engines !    
I now ship engines air freight so can get engines to you in as little as 14 days depending on stock and work load !        We ship engines to north america weekly !
    We normally have a TDI engine on ebay at any given time for those that wish to purchase that way.

Below; 200tdi defender engine, rebuilt and ready to leave for Nevada